How do you know when you’re old enough to start our own business? Business is a strategic game played by mature people. But, people often confuse maturity with age. Your age has nothing to do with starting up your business and neither does your academic qualification. Here are some very convincing reasons. The infographic below proves how business prosper irrespective of age.

There is no such thing as an ideal age, or any qualification criteria to start a company and that’s the beauty of startup. Big IT companies like Facebook, Apple and Microsoft were founded by teenagers [Even though, they’re way older now!]. Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg at the age of 19. Apple was founded by Steve Jobs at the age of 20 while Microsoft was founded by Bill Gates at the age of 19. All three were college dropouts and had no degree,but today, their companies get ranked amongst the most successful ones of all times.
Not only have the young entrepreneurs been successful, but companies started by people of age above 50 have also become equally successful. For eg: KFC was founded by Colonel Harland David Sanders after his retirement at the age of 65.