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In this post, I will be discussing some companies that are making lots of money but are still unknown to most of the people.

  1. Givaudan

According to Wikipedia,Givaudan MystartupVenture

Description itself is self-explanatory. Givaudan is a swiss company. Most of the recipe that we eat, drink or smell is owned by Givaudan.  They produce scents, flavors, and fragrances for food items. They have companies at Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Latin America and North America.



2. CSL/Baxter/Grifols

CSL, Baxter and Grifols are 3 competitors companies working in the same field. In one sentence their business can be summarized as Blood spinners. They separate blood components, from the blood and are sold. They collect blood from blood donors.

3. Praxair

From Wikipedia,


Praxair sells air. Yes, they are air spinners. They take air, spins it into different component and finally sell it. Isn’t it awesome a billion dollar company selling air?


4. American Tower 

American Tower have 100,000+ towers in different countries, mainly at United States of height approximately 60ft. They rent a space in their tower for different communication companies.

American Tower Corporation

5. SES/Eutelsat

SES and Eutelsat are two competitors. They own about 40-50 satellites. Eutelsat is a French company while headquarters of SES is at  Luxembourg. They are responsible for transmitting satellite TV/radio signal.


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6. Verisign

If you are a tech guy you must be familiar with Verisign. They are behind .com domains. They are the monopoly provider of .com domains. You are paying these guy if you have a .com domain.


7. SGS

From Wikipedia


SGS is a swiss certification company. They inspect, test, verify and certify almost everythings.


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