Choosing a mentor isn’t easy. Choose wise and you choose success. – Sujit Lalwani


The above saying of Mr. Sujit Lalwani holds true in the life of every people. We don’t learn all the skills, the lessons of the life by birth. Rather, we achieve them on the way of our journey of life. We get involved in several aspects of our life and experience through it while some may learn  through the mentor. One should have a support, a mentor in his/her life, the one who guides and suggests so as to learn, experience and to  build the confidence to do something. Mr. Sujit Lalwani, an Indian entrepreneur and also an author is an eloquent speaker. He is also a business coach and a successful International motivational speaker with the graduation in Mechanical engineering. He believes that there should be a person in our life who directs and guides us. Lalwani finds his elder brother as mentor in his life. During his childhood he was interested in playing chess while his brother helped him to learn at first. He often used to lose the game with his brother at the initial stage of learning. After sometime, he was able to defeat his brother. He thus believes in mentoring, that made him the best one.

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He is the founder and Director of Inspiration Unlimited(IU Group). He is also founder of Non Governmental Organization named 36 Meals that works to prevent the food wastage and several other International projects like iUY2C(iU Youth to Children Project), iU Newspaper Bag Project, iU Literacy, iU One Sided Books, Sports Equipment Procurement Campaign (SEPC). With the motto of “All positive, No gossips” and Inspiration through information he also founded an Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine, which is now popular and is read world widely. Lalwani is also an author, he wrote his first book named “Life Simplified”. The book was published by Patridge India. In, this book he explains about the real meaning and challenges of a life. “The challenge of life is regretless decision making, relentless pursuit of vision with faith, forgiving others, enduring pain with a smile & achieving goals with an extra MILE”. This saying of MR. Lalwani in the book named Life Simplified gives the real meaning of life and it’s the fact.

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He had visited most of the countries of the world inspiring the huge number of people and youths through his motivational speech. He often used to explain about the passion, determination, failure, confidence, hard work and the challenges that we used to face in our life and the ways to tackle them. He is the founder of i3( Influence, Inspire and Impact) which is the program based on inspiring entrepreneurship and developing the courage. Mr. Lalwani was the One Young World Ambassador who represented India at the International Conference of One Young World(OYW), 2011 held at Zurich, Switzerland and was among the 16 YOUR BIG YEAR 2012 Finalists chosen from over 60,000 participants from over 212 countries and much more at the age of 27.

Here is the Lalwani’s speech in One Young World Summit 2012 One Young World Summit 2012

He has also inspired more than 100000 youths of Nepal and more than 3 million people all over the world through his motivational speeches, workshops and training. He was interviewed in Nepal Radio 98.8FM as a Youth Icon. He says that right now we are letting ourselves to be under the control of fear, control of society with the fake means of norms and values. Then, how could they lead us towards the route of success? Why don’t we let ourselves to think freely and to do the things that we wish for? According to him, lack of confidence will lead to lack of action which further leads to lack of results and then in return makes us unhappy. He also says that a person without happiness suddenly has low confidence and the loop goes on and the person bounded within these loop will remain as the dead body throughout his life. He built the confidence and set the vision of many youths inspiring them. We look for the success and goals we want to be extraordinary but the thing is before being an extraordinary we have to be ordinary. what’s an ordinary? Having a dream to be something and a dream to achieve is an ordinary. And giving everything to make it success is extra ordinary Lalwani says. He likes mentoring to others and inspiring them. He started Iu literacy project in his country with the tag line Illiterate to Literate before you Graduate with an aim of educating all the people round the nation. Apart from this he was also invited by the President of Russia to share his ideas on enhancing the Tourism of Russia. Lalwani in russia at VISIT RUSSIA Forum where he explains about how the Tourism sector of Russia can be upgraded. According to him the youths of the nation are responsible for development of the nation.

When the youths are energized with vision, strong determination then it certainly results in an ultimate goal. We have to think with our visions held high and dream big. Nobody knows about the certainty whether it’s about your dream or something. As Newton didn’t know that the falling of apple is due to gravity, bill gates who is the founder of Microsoft didn’t knew about it’s possibility earlier and many more Lalwani says. If you gonna dream big you will definitely achieve it somewhere sooner or later if you have a strong determination and vision. Many of the people they start with their aim and after some while they give up. We fall down many times but the thing is we have to stick with our visions. He was also awarded with the “Connecting The World” Award at 1LifeFullyLived Conference held in Nov 2015 in Sacramento, USA. He is the greatest source of inspiring and developing the leadership quality in the youths, the builders of a peace nation.