Your startup’s brand defines your startup business. Have you clearly communicated your brand to your customers?

Getting to know your Startup’s Brand

A brand is simply anything – image, text or graphics – that defines and differentiates you from others. One might probably wonder, why does a startup need branding right from the starting phase? Or, you probably might want to spend your resources in something productive in your beginning phase.

It’s true that most startups are reluctant to spend on branding right from their launching phase. But the startup entrepreneurs need to understand that branding – done right – gives you the initial sales, and your beginning revenue. Take social media marketing for an example – startup founders are heavily getting engaged into social media promotions for their products. It is an effective and strategically feasible way to communicate about your products and services to your potential customers. Investing a little on a cumulative basis on your brand gives you a strong foundation of your startup’s brand from the early days.

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Tips to better build your Startup’s Brand

Define your brand as a ‘person’
If you think of Hero Honda Splendor motorbike, what kind of person comes to your mind? A middle-aged, bread-earner of the family going to and forth his office? And what if the bike is changed to Bajaj Pulsar? An adventure seeking youth, isn’t it? What does this tell you? Yes, your brand is a pictorial representation of your consumers’ persona. Your brand defines who your potential customers are.

Know your target market demographics
When you know your potential customer, you can easily find out your target market and its demographics. By target market demographics, you are supposed to know who your target customers are – male or female? Rich or middle class or poor? With high income or middle class income? Living in urban, semi-urban or rural area? With answers to these questions, it helps you to stand in your customer’s shoe and build your startup’s brand a better way.

Offer your Unique Selling Proposition
Now that you know about your customers clearly, you need to communicate your message to them. You will need to tell them what you offer, and how are you different than the rest. Communicating your uniqueness is an entry point for building a better brand. Your brand message should tell your customers how you stand out from the rest of the crowd offering the similar type of services.

Finally, seek consultation services
If you want to have a strong foundation for your startup’s brand, then a unbiased third-eye view is essential. You might want to seek consultancy services for your branding efforts. Or, you might even consider outsourcing your branding activities to any agency itself and reduce your (at least, one) stress! Hint: The author is a management consultant himself 😉 

After you’ve built a strong foundation, it’s not the end of journey. Branding is the journey, and not any end. Stay consistent to your brand, and if possible, update it every few years as needed.