I was exploring through quora, and I found a very interesting topic. This guy couldn’t succeed with his startup and then he had to experience another blow when he had to end his relationship (since 2013) with his girlfriend.

startup failed relation ruined

I went through all the answers and among all 2 answers really fascinate me.

The guy Anupam Sobti, engineer at Qualcomm has a nice reply.

Failure is an asset.


You can’t stand if you don’t fall.

In fact, you couldn’t learn how to get up without getting failed.

Startup failed Relationship Ruined

and then there is another guy his answer is really inspiring.

Shripad Kulkarni, an IT guy told, “finding yourself is not as hard as you think and is not as easy as you expect”. Finding yourself depends on your attitude and attitude is within you, so start analysing yourself. 

Asks yourself these questions

Analyse yourself Startup failed Relationship Ruined








Time might come when you find many questions and you couldn’t find answers for all. Shripad has answered few of these questions and I really like his answer.

  1. Who are you?

Find who you really are. I am not asking your name nor your identity. Find who “YOU” refers to. If you think its your body then you need to change your thinking. Here is why?

Who are you? Startup failed Relationship Ruined


3. For what you are doing ?

Many people will have the same answer for this question, for a beautiful life or a happy life or a better life. You are wrong if your answer is same. Come on guys you are spending your present life for a  better “future” life. So do happily whatever you are doing, your life will be happy “,  “don’t do it for better life do it in better way, your life will be better”


6. How it will help to you to grow in all the way ?

This is a debatable question. Growing means not only growing in monetary value but also in mind. Shripad has shared very good example on this topic.

MSV what is growing? Startup failed Relationship Ruined

8. For whom you are doing?

Is it your family, kid, your son, your daughter? If yes you are again wrong. Make him/her capable. If he/she is capable on her own then he/she can fulfill their own wish, build own house and can do anything as they want. If he/she is not capable, why to earn money, they gonna waste all your money one day.

Here is an explanation with a nice story

startup story failed Relationship Ruined

9. What will be the end ?

Doesn’t matter how much you earn end is always a dust. You are either buried or burnt only thing that remains is the name you have earned. So help people, build relation earn name. I believe you know the story of Alexander‘s last wish. If not please read it.

This was the nice explanation by Shripad

Few other answers that I really like are:

A failure is better than not moving at all.


“You either succeed or learn something “


“It takes darkness to be fully appreciate light”

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