You are broken, disheartened, nothing is working for you. When you look back at yourself, you see yourself as a loser. You might feel same if your startup failed. It’s not just about the money you lost, it’s about your valuable time, effort, dream, emotional investment and much more.


Trust me it’s time to take a break, break from startup. If you can afford, go for a vacation with friends or family, get focused on something else than your failed business, of course, there is no harm in discussing it with your closed ones.

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If you can’t afford, find a job, “Consulting Job” will be the perfect choice for you if you can find one. Being a teacher or tutor is not a bad choice either. Make sure this is just a short-term job of about (3 to 6 months). You could even earn more money in few months than a year with your previous startup. But the best part is you will have no more pressure, though it will be technically challenged, but mentally it will be much easier. And once you are free from the financial pressure you can generate new ideas. You can even work on new ideas without leaving your job. Further more you can build a big network or even can meet a perfect people for your new idea.

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