Ever thought a barber could own a luxury car, and that too – Rolls Royce? This story of determination, and sheer perseverance tells Rolls Royce can be afforded by even a barber!

Ramesh Babu, inherited his father’s saloon business – after his father’s demise in 1979, when he was just 7 years of age.  This saloon business was run by his uncle and Ramesh would get Rs. 5 per day from that. Despite having hard time in having even two meals a day, this determined barber crafted his destiny with his own hands. A time came when Ramesh had disputes with his uncle, and he stopped getting even that 5 rupees per day. It was then he decided that he would run the business himself, and in 1993, his fortune took a new turn.

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In 1993, Ramesh bought a second-hand Maruti Suzuki Omni van, with his personal savings and a loan. Few months after he bought the van, he was now worried how he would repay the loan. And there the idea of car-renting was born in Ramesh’s head. From 1994, Ramesh began to be seriously involved in car-rental business. He slowly started augmenting more cars to his fleet, and ten years later, by 2004, he had about five to six cars with him. But all this time, he did not leave his father’s business – he focused on upscaling the saloon business too. The car-rental was doing an average business because of the stiff competition, and mostly everyone had a small car.

Then Ramesh decided he needed to do something different that no one ever thought of. He invested forty lakhs rupees for a luxury car in 2004. No other car rental service providers served with luxury cars. People laughed at him and told him he was committing a big mistake. Ramesh became the first person in Banglore, India to invest in a luxury car for a car-rental business – and that risk turned out to be a huge success.

The Millionaire Barber

In 2011, he again invested in a Rolls Royce car, and people were – again – skeptical about it. He told himself if he could pull off a big risk in 2004, he could do it again in 2011. He spent about four crore rupees to get himself the Rolls Royce, and that has went on to be tremendously popular. By 2014, he has amassed a big fleet of 200 cars.

And the best part – he still runs his hair cutting saloon! 😉

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