Try creating a startup overnight? Possible? Creating – Yes, but running and taking it to a height of success – NO!

Creating a startup is never an easy task. One has to go through a lot of rejections, failures, embarrassments, and other such distressing moments where you might think of quitting. But fighters are never quitters. You have to keep on trying until you find that momentum from where your rise starts. But the question stands, how many times should you try? Is trying a thousand times and spending your whole life worth for a startup? Or will you regret it for not trying one more time?

The answer differs according to people’s mindset. There is no fixed ‘number of times you should try’ formula that is ever tested and proven. Anna Vital from Funders and Founders has managed to keep a track of some iconic persona and their number of attempts in the below infograph:

How many times should you try