I have an Idea. How do I know if it exists or not.

Here are some of the method that could help you to know if your idea is unique or not.

1. Google

Yes, google is the easiest method. Try different keywords for your idea and see if any business exists. Try searching as if you are a real customer. Prepare a list of companies from google and spend some time to explore those companies.

2. Social Media

Another easy method is to use social media to search your idea. If your idea already exists then there must be a profile of that business in different Social Media. Moreover, you can also search company name from the list you have prepared from method 1.

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3. Startup Media Platform

There are different Medias that will cover startup story, spend some time to explore those platforms. Some of the popular platforms are TechCrunch, Mashable, Nextbigwhat, readwrite, yourstory and so on.

4. Presentation

Many Startups prepare a presentation to find investor. Most of the time they upload these presentations to document sharing sites like slideshare, PitchEnvy, Best Pitch Deck. If your  business exists there is a high chance you will find a presentation.

5. Google Alert

Google Alert one of the easiest way to monitor the web. Use Google Alert to know if anything is available on the web about your product.

6. Godaddy

Yes, godaddy could be another tool to find if your idea is unique or not. Try searching domain name of your main keywords, if domain name is not available then probably your idea already exists.

7. KnowEm

KnowEm is used to find how popular your keyword is. Use this tool to find if your main business keyword has been claimed or not in social sites and blogs.

8. Product Hunt

You can also check Product Hunt to find if anyone is offering services you have thought to provide.

9. Crunchbase

This is one of the best methods to figure out if your idea exists or not. Crunchbase is the place where you can find out different ideas that have been funded. Check if similar idea has been funded or not.



If you have any other method please comment.

Featured image credit: searchengineland.com