“It’s better to be a nerd than one of the herd.” We’ve all heard about standing out from the crowd, but how do we do it? Maybe, we can learn a bit from Evan (owner of EvanTubeHD), a young nine-year-old entrepreneur who did a little different than what children would normally do. You’re about to get jealous from this kid.

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Evan is a professional toy reviewer and creator of EvanTubeHD. EvanTubeHD is a renowned YouTube channel today, with the least of 2 million likes in every video that gets uploaded. EvanTubeHD is mostly for kids’ entertainment, but his videos get viewers from all age groups – from a child to an adult. His most hit video so far is ‘WORLD’S LARGEST GUMMY WORM vs. KID’ with a total of almost 95 million views. He started his YouTube channel with a 30 seconds video named ‘Angry Birds Stop Motion by EvanTubeHD – My very first YouTube Video!’ It wasn’t a big hit then, it hardly got any views. But after a bit of time, the views started flooding in and so did the likes. Today his first YouTube video has about 3 million views till date.

Apart from EvanTubeHD, Evan also owns two other channel – EvanTubeRAW and EvanTubeGaming. Evan’s sister Jillian also owns a YouTube channel JillianTubeHD. So, the family owns four YouTube channel and all four are going on quite well.

Evan’s father, Jared, was the one who came up with the idea of starting a YouTube channel. Being a professional photographer and a cameraman himself and seeing Evan’s obsession and passion towards games and adventurous challenges, he decided to make the use of both and create something productive. And he obviously did! Jared says, he wasn’t expecting any big accomplishment but was only trying to keep doing what both he and Evan loved to do. But he was surprised with rapidly increased views and such good response. It was then he thought of monetizing the channel. Today, the Evan earns $1.3 million solely from EvanTubeHD. The combined income sums up to be almost its double annually. Most of the revenue they receive are from the ads. The ads in the video itself is handled by their own sales team, whereas the ads outside the network are handled by YouTube and Google, said Jared.

Jared also mentions that by today they have saved pretty enough to ensure that both Evan and Jillian have a wonderful career. Evan, however, never wants to stop reviewing his toys and unpacking those boxes. “I love the moments I am in front of the camera and it’s fun to read the comments. Plus, this way, I keep getting toys.”

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