The different stages of building startup  – Infographic

Startups doesn’t happen overnight. It takes weeks, months, and days. But every one of them goes through these stages, as shown in the infographic below developed by 440 – Investing in Nigerian Tech Startups.

The infographic says the startups usually begin with a question, or a problem statement for which the aspiring entrepreneur seeks a potential solution. The idea is thus born, and then is tested. Your friends and near ones might like it, but you can’t know your business’ success probability without testing it to a real market. Then, you will require to form your team, and selection of team is very crucial. A right set of team for your startup will take it to the next level. Make sure your team and partners are equally passionate. As Jim Collins rightly says, “Your people are NOT your biggest assets. The right people are.”

After your idea has a team backed up by answers from market testing, you should seek now for funding and mentorship. And only then, your real work begins!

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The Different Stages of Building Startup

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