Building startup team is a great chaos work, especially if you’re alone and in search of employees or a co-founder. It is hard to find any other person who shares the same passion and enthusiasm for “your” vision.

For any startup’s smooth functioning, the idea or the capital doesn’t matter. What matters the most is the team you’ve selected and developed. If your team doesn’t share the same vision, no matter how great the idea is or how much of funding you receive, it won’t matter. This is why the “human side of doing business” never fades. Here, we provide you few of our experiences in building startup team:

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1) Find and Match Complementary Skills

If you’re good with sales, don’t look for people with good knack in sales again. Look for someone who can complement you with administrative works, or with finances crunching. Always look for someone who can fill the void with their skills that you alone don’t possess yourself.

2) People who share same vision

You will need people who believes and shares the same vision and spirit as much as you do. This will ensure they’re internally motivated and make sure they’re not working just for money or position or glamour. The vision and its impact will itself motivate the entire team members.

3) Use your love-factor

This comes into play especially while choosing your co-founders and partners. Choose them as you would choose your spouse – either husband or wife. They should talk truth and have long term values. They should be committed for a long term journey with you.

4) Use your instinct

Since people are dynamic and cannot be predicted accurately, you should also use your gut feelings with people. You can sometimes get automatically connected with the mutual passion infecting each other. Look out for those influential and passionate people!

That’s it. These are four great ways in building startup team, based on our experiences. If you have any more option, please do share in the comment box below!