Monday, July 19th of 1993 (2050 Shrawan 4 B.S.) – Manoj Prasad Ghimire sadly remembers this horrific day when his house was flooded away by the overflowing water of Kulekhani River. He lost his home, but not his determination. His strong will power has made him the ‘man’ he is today. A father of three children, he is living a happy and prosperous life at the outskirts of Pharping, Dakshinkali VDC with his well run Khuwa business.

Studied up to only the third grade, Manoj Ghimire has fought a battle to overcome the difficulties of being homeless in his life. Both his home and land were swept away by the flood of Kulekhani and he had to remain homeless for over two years. Moving to Pharping, Dakshinkali the same year, he distinctly remembers being jobless for the whole year of 2051 B.S. where he had much difficulties to join his hand to mouth. The next year, however, was generous enough to bring him a job, but only to dish washing at a local hotel. It was there during this period at the hotel, where he learnt the basics of making the Khuwa. Khuwa produced at Dakshinkali is treated to be the finest in the country. Manoj decided to think of it, and gave a try. He started making Khuwa and selling it at Dakshinkali temple premises at the year 2053 B.S. And since then, luck has favored him, and his hard work has paid him off well. With this tenacious endeavor of over a decade, he has managed to build a small house by himself, where he lives with his happy family.

With much struggle in his life, he has been able to send his three children to a local boarding school, and his children in turn have made him proud by toiling hard to procure first positions at their respective classes. He has managed to send his eldest son, a tenth standard student, to hostel for better education. He regrets on his illiterate past, darkened by the absence of education. To compensate, he is studying now with his daughter every night from 9 to 11 PM. His daughter comes home back from school, studies herself first till eight in the evening, and then proceeds to teach Manoj. By now, he can fluently read English and holds a good command to the language. He has a dream of making his children a doctor or an engineer and hopes that his children does not have to surpass the same hardship which he went through.

Even now, Manoj wakes up at two in the morning, and commences the preparation of the Khuwa. He states it requires two people, and over three to four hours of cooking before the finest Khuwa is prepared and ready to be sold. Early at the morning, he worships the Dakshinkali mata temple, considered to be mother of lord Dakshinkali, and starts selling his home made Khuwa. Since he cooks it on a gas oven, he has to meet the expenses of four gas cylinders every month plus other family expenses as well. He is still toiling hard to keep up his family, but has not lost his determination and faith.

On a sad note, the local village development committee, and the government of Nepal, has not yet shown any interest in uplifting the standards of Khuwa entrepreneurs in the area. However, Manoj is not one of those who keep quiet and stay idle just hoping for the support from the government officials. He has already formed a team of four likeminded Khuwa business persons and planned to expand the business to a new level. He has a plan to create a single milk collection center, facilitating the Khuwa makers, from where milk will be distributed to those producers. He wants to take orders on a large scale and produce Khuwa together along with his partners. He states the potentiality of the weekly production could rise up to 90 kilograms per week if the four members join their hands together. He plans to execute this into action and implement the stock collection system by next year.

It takes great courage and determination to go through such hardships and overcome the challenges life places in the front. Manoj Ghimire has fought this epic battle in his journey of life and one can undoubtedly say, he has been successful in winning this brawl. He is one of those idols whose story can be an inspiration, motivation or a moral support to any other start ups and those who are depressed thinking they’ve lost everything in their life. He has shown that success does not come at once; it requires sheer hard work, huge effort and a never ending passion to work to reach the summit.

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