Have you ever considered teeth-friendly candy (Zollipop) as a business? Alina Morse, inventor of Zollipop – “mom-approved, teeth-friendly, sugar-free and healthy after meal suckers”, is a nine-year-old and a fifth grader student. She invented Zollipop as a seven-year-old child and by the time she was nine, she has visited the White Hose twice, both from the personal invitation from Michelle Obama, herself.


Alina Morse, resident of Wolverine Lake and a fifth grade student from Scotch Elementary School, loved to eat candies. One day, on her visit to a bank with her father, Tom Morse, a teller offered her a sucker. Remembering her parents’ repeated words “Candies are not good for your teeth”, she started wondering why there isn’t a sucker that tastes just as delicious and is also good for your teeth. On her way home, she shared this with her father, who didn’t respond at first, but after Alina brought up the topic for a numerous times, he finally agreed.

Alina and her father, started working right away. Alina did an online research on the main materials that make up our teeth while her father talked to dentists and hygienists about the effects of normal candies on people’s teeth. After a bit of research, the first ever Zollipop was created. Her little sister Lola, who is very picky about what she eats according to Alina, loved the product. According to Alina, that’s when she knew their product was brilliant. She was so happy that she named the product after the first word her sister spoke after eating the sucker – Zollipop!

Alina got $7,500 of her grandmother’s savings to start a company of healthy pop-sickles. She mostly got help from her father, her consultant. He says, Alina is unstoppable, she loves what she does and there is no way anyone can stop her from doing things she likes doing. However, Alina took the marketing lead from the very beginning. Recently Zollipop introduced their second product – Zolli Drops Sugar-free peppermints. The sales are increasing and she’s getting quite a profit.

Apart from the financial profits her company’s been getting, she received an invitation from Michelle Obama to the White House Easter Egg roll where she was the one and only candy presenter. Her product was admired by lots of people including Michelle Obama herself.

Alina has a big dream of including Zollipops in every grocery store, departmental stores and other food stores. She also wants the normal chocolates that bank teller distributed to be replaced by Zollipops because they are actually healthy for your teeth. Zollipop are already being sold through amazon and she’s looking forward to expanding her market very soon.

The kidpreneur also has a message to everyone of her age: “The world will try to underestimate you, they ignore you saying ‘She’s just seven years old!’. But that actually is your strength. Believe in yourself and do what you love because when you do unexpected things, that’s when you become great.”


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