Startups naturally tend to go more with social media and digital marketing due to the considerable lower amount of investment required in comparison to its returns. But do you know, there are few offline marketing tips for startups that can be executed with a considerably lower investment? Below are 5 startup marketing tips:

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I. Using unique and creative business cards
With the use of creative business cards, you can steal the show in most of the networking events when you hand out your business cards. These creative business cards need not be fancy – but just with a right amount of creativity, innovation, and most importantly, unique to create an impression and explaining your services at the same time.

See examples of creative business cards by clicking here – Creative Business Cards by BoredPanda!

II. Offer discounts for segmented groups
By offering your discounts and sale schemes to specific targeted user groups, you are making them feel privileged. For example, on a month of Mangsir (November – December), Nepal experiences a huge number of wedding. The newly wed couple, or moms, dads, firstborns, or any such niche segmented groups – give them their own customized sale/discount weeks!

III. Invite your customer to be a part of your team [for an hour, or so 😉 ]
For a startup, your first few customers holds the key to word-of-mouth marketing. Invite these special customers to be a part of your startup team (for a limited time period, obviously) – which makes them feel valued and special! And listen to their feedback – they’re the ones giving you a genuine one.

IV. Reach an influential blogger!
Yeah, find an influential blogger. But then what? Give him/her a free sample. But why? So that you can hand out your free sample and s/he can review your product or service and post it to his/her respective blog! This will create a strong recommendation and endorsement for your product, and doesn’t require a huge cost as well.

Reach these influential bloggers – Gaurav Kandel (, Ayushree Thapa (, Anish Upreti ( and so on.

V. Participate in network events
Make sure your PR team is having an active participation in major networking events – though unrelated to your startup business. You never know when will you run across your potential customer and get that first breakthrough! Make sure you, or your PR team, utilizes the best out of any event – and be there to network!

Startup Marketing Tips

Don’t panic! Keep calm!

Let us know in the comments, if you have any more idea than the aforementioned list. Happy sharing!